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Welcome to The Collegiate Empowerment Show for Higher Education Professionals, hosted by Tony D'Angelo. If you're a future focused Higher Education Professional, University Executive, or Entrepreneurial Educator committed to the long haul of Higher Education & Continuing Learning- this show is for you! It's designed to enhance your personal & professional Clarity, Confidence, Capabilities, and Commitment as a Higher Education Professional. Through concepts, strategies, & tools as well as insights, interviews, and new ideas from industry thought leaders, you will learn how to embrace The 7 R's of 21st Century Higher Education: Recruitment, Retention, Revenue Generation, Research, Risk Mitigation, ROI and Reinvention.

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Dec 21, 2016

This is the day to stop. This is the day to go within. This is the day to ask yourself two questions. This is the day to grant yourself permission & courage. This is the day to listen to this episode. Take the next 10 days to prepare for the Future You in 2017. 

Dec 16, 2016

Are you asking yourself, like many others, "what is this thing called Collegiate Empowerment"? Don't worry you're not alone. In the episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, gives you some key insights to what Collegiate Empowerment is all about. Collegiate Empowerment is all about Helping College Students Get What They Want...

Dec 13, 2016

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, interviews Kevin Broeckling, Vice President of University Services & Student Life at Benedictine University-Mesa. You will be inspired to learn Kevin's story. Some of the highlights include:

1) How did he become a Dean of Students by age 23. 

2) What it takes to launch a new...

Dec 7, 2016

What does every great game have? Boundaries. What does every great team need to be mindful of when taking the ball down field? Boundaries. What do we call lines that define the field of play? Boundaries. What makes the difference between being an amature & being a professional in American Higher Ed? Boundaries. Join...

Dec 1, 2016

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, interviews Lisa Saverese Burkitt, the Dean of Students at Anna Maria College (MA). Learn how this inspiring Higher Ed Pro rose to the top of her alma mater as she went from undergrad to Dean of Students.