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Welcome to The Collegiate Empowerment Show for Higher Education Professionals, hosted by Tony D'Angelo. If you're a future focused Higher Education Professional, University Executive, or Entrepreneurial Educator committed to the long haul of Higher Education & Continuing Learning- this show is for you! It's designed to enhance your personal & professional Clarity, Confidence, Capabilities, and Commitment as a Higher Education Professional. Through concepts, strategies, & tools as well as insights, interviews, and new ideas from industry thought leaders, you will learn how to embrace The 7 R's of 21st Century Higher Education: Recruitment, Retention, Revenue Generation, Research, Risk Mitigation, ROI and Reinvention.

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Dec 23, 2015

In honor of the 100th Episode Of The Collegiate Empowerment Show we're taking a look back. Join your host, Tony D'Angelo, as he takes you through a year end review of the most popular episodes from 2015. For your reference here's the list: 

#1 Episode 35: The Most Important Question You Can Ask Your Boss

#2 Episode 38: How To Stop Being An Approval Whore

#3 Episode 87: Interview with Liz Bapasola from The College Of New Jersey

#4 Episode 49: X-Factor Insights From Steve Jobs

#5 Episode 11: Collegiate Empowerment Team Roundtable

#6 Episode 41: How To Explain What You Do for A Living To Your Parents

#7 Episode 42: The 7 Dumbest Mistakes You Can Make In Planning An Event On Your Campus

#8 Episode 18: It's May and You're Probably Sick (or simply burnt out)

#9 Episode 4: The Four Things That People Are Silently Begging For

#10 Episode 91: How To Know When To Quit Your Job In Higher Ed