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Welcome to The Collegiate Empowerment Show for Higher Education Professionals, hosted by Tony D'Angelo. If you're a future focused Higher Education Professional, University Executive, or Entrepreneurial Educator committed to the long haul of Higher Education & Continuing Learning- this show is for you! It's designed to enhance your personal & professional Clarity, Confidence, Capabilities, and Commitment as a Higher Education Professional. Through concepts, strategies, & tools as well as insights, interviews, and new ideas from industry thought leaders, you will learn how to embrace The 7 R's of 21st Century Higher Education: Recruitment, Retention, Revenue Generation, Research, Risk Mitigation, ROI and Reinvention.

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Jan 25, 2018

Looking to increase your Peace? This episode will support that intention. Join your host, Tony D'Angelo, as he introduces you to the Four Keys Of Peace based on the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali. These Four Keys help to unlock the locks of: 

1) Happy People: Friendliness

2) Unhappy People: Compassion

3) Virtuous People: Delight

4) Wicken People: Disregard 

Learn to unlock the barriers & gateways of life with The Four Keys To Peace.