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If you're a future focused Higher Education Professional, a University Executive, or an Entrepreneurial Educator committed to the long haul of Higher Education, then this show is for you! Join your host Tony D'Angelo, the founder of Collegiate Empowerment, as he and his guests help you increase your professional Clarity, Confidence, Capability and Commitment, so you can Help College Students Get What They Truly Want & Need for success in the 21st Century.
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If you're a future focused Higher Education Professional, a University Executive, or an Entrepreneurial Educator committed to the long haul of Higher Education, then this show is for you! Join your host Tony D'Angelo, the founder of Collegiate Empowerment,  as he and his guests help you increase your professional Clarity, Confidence, Capability and Commitment, so you can Help College Students Get What They Truly Want & Need for success in the 21st Century. To learn more about Collegiate Empowerment please visit:


May 17, 2017

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, introduces you to the concept of Deep Work, based on the book by Cal Newport. In this episode you will learn how to move from Distracted Work to Deep Work. 

May 10, 2017

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, shared one of the last Collegiate Empowerment concepts called The Empowered Future: Strategic Planning for Higher Education Professionals in the 21st Century. It's all about having a 20 year framework & 90 day check-in. 

Apr 26, 2017

Mike Ayalon is the CEO of Greek University, an educational platform that has inspired countless institutions across North America in identifying, understanding and resolving current social issues. As a successful motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author, Mike has headlined over 350 presentations across 125 college campuses as well as corporate events to bring light on pressing problems, such as Sexual Assault Prevention, Hazing Prevention and Campus Safety, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Strategies for Managerial Excellence, and Diversity in Student Organizations. Mike's strong technological background and varied professional experience in building companies from startup to over $25 Million in annual sales gives him a profound understanding of the ways these issues penetrate all levels of corporate and educational structures today. His unique insight and hands-on approach enable him to create dynamic, positive and results-driven keynotes and workshops that transform people's lives both in an academic and corporate context. As a TIPS-certified trainer and the former Executive Director of Sigma Pi Fraternity with 125 chapters and over 100,000 members nationwide, Mike has a deep understanding of the current situation on campuses and corporations as well as a structured plan on how to empower our own youth to stop being a part of the problem and become an active part of its resolution.

​Be certain to visit to contact Mike. ​


Mar 7, 2017

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, interviews Ted Wachtel. Ted Wachtel is the founder and former president of the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) Graduate School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and co-founder of CSF Buxmont schools and group homes serving delinquent and at-risk youth in eastern Pennsylvania. His latest book Dreaming of a New Reality is a prequel to his new video/print blog at He is author and co-author of Toughlove, a best-selling book for parents of troubled adolescents, Restorative Justice Conferencing, The Restorative Practices Handbook, Restorative Circles in Schools, Family Power and The Electronic Congress. To learn more about Ted and his most current project please visit:

Feb 8, 2017
Episode 147: How To Get The Most Out Of That... NASPA, NACA, ACPA, NGLA Conference This Winter

It's February in American Higher Education and guess what that mean's? It's CONFERENCE SEASON!! Whether you're heading NASPA, NACA, ACPA, NGLA or the dozen other Higher Ed conference this winter, this show is for you! Join your host, Tony D'Angelo, as he shares a powerful Collegiate Empowerment Tool and Mindset with you called The Empowerment Filter. This 8 step process will help you, your staff and your students to get the most out of that upcoming professional development conference. 

To secure you own copy of The Empowerment Filter Tool covered in this episode, please email Subject Heading: Podcast EF Tool Request. 


Feb 2, 2017
Episode 146: Transforming Fear Into Freedom Through The 7 C's

Never before has there been so much fear gripping the world of American Higher Education. In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, shares The Seven C's with you to help you transform Fear into Freedom. The Seven C's Are: 

1) Commitment

2) Courage

3) Confidence

4) Capability

5) Coach

6) Community

7) Consciousness 

Jan 20, 2017
Episode 145: Why Your To Do List Is Killing Your Soul

You can do anything, you cannot do everything. Put down that to do list and listen to this show. In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, shares 3 key mindsets for you to help simplify your life and maximize your day. 

Jan 11, 2017
Episode 144: Guest Interview Mary-Alice Ozechoski: Visualizing Higher Ed 2027


Want to see future of American Higher Education over the next 10 years? Then don't miss this interview with Mary-Alice Ozechoski, VP of Student Affairs & Traditional Enrollment at Cedar Crest College as she joins your host, Tony D'Angelo, to discuss the one day conference called: ENVISIONING HIGHER EDUCATION 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017
8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Cedar Crest College
Allentown, Pa.

Celebrating its 150th year of educating the next generation of leaders, Cedar Crest College invites the higher education community to gather and explore how the issues facing us today will shape our institutions in the next decade. With prominent speakers and breakout sessions covering a variety of topics, this conference is ideal for educators, administrators and students.

Educators/Administrators: $90
Graduate Students: $40
Conference fee includes continental breakfast, lunch and post-conference networking.

For more information & to register please visit:



Jan 5, 2017
Episode 143: What Are You Going To STOP Doing Before The Semester Starts

Looking to cut through the clutter as you gear up for the Spring Semester? Then be certain to check out this episode so you can regain your focus of the vital few versus the trivial many. Start by asking yourself, "What am I going to STOP doing?" 

Dec 21, 2016
Episode 142: The Wisdom of The Winter Solstice

This is the day to stop. This is the day to go within. This is the day to ask yourself two questions. This is the day to grant yourself permission & courage. This is the day to listen to this episode. Take the next 10 days to prepare for the Future You in 2017. 

Dec 16, 2016
Episode 141: What Is Collegiate Empowerment?

Are you asking yourself, like many others, "what is this thing called Collegiate Empowerment"? Don't worry you're not alone. In the episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, gives you some key insights to what Collegiate Empowerment is all about. Collegiate Empowerment is all about Helping College Students Get What They Want & Need. 

Dec 13, 2016
Episode 140: Guest Interview with Kevin Broeckling (Benedictine University)

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, interviews Kevin Broeckling, Vice President of University Services & Student Life at Benedictine University-Mesa. You will be inspired to learn Kevin's story. Some of the highlights include:

1) How did he become a Dean of Students by age 23. 

2) What it takes to launch a new campus located over 1,700 miles from main campus

3) How to attract students with your mission, not rock walls & hot-tubs. 

This and so much more! 

Dec 7, 2016
Episode 139: Boundaries & The Four D's For Higher Education Professionals

What does every great game have? Boundaries. What does every great team need to be mindful of when taking the ball down field? Boundaries. What do we call lines that define the field of play? Boundaries. What makes the difference between being an amature & being a professional in American Higher Ed? Boundaries. Join your host, Tony D'Angelo as he highlights the focus of today's show, which is about (as you guessed!)- Boundaries. 

Dec 1, 2016
Episode 138: Guest Interview with Lisa Saverese Burkitt, Dean of Students Anna Maria College

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, interviews Lisa Saverese Burkitt, the Dean of Students at Anna Maria College (MA). Learn how this inspiring Higher Ed Pro rose to the top of her alma mater as she went from undergrad to Dean of Students. 

Oct 8, 2016
Episode 137: The Fall Focusing Show

After a nice break your host, Tony D'Angelo, helps you regain your focus in time for the Harvest Season of Fall. It's time to take stock of what worked and what did not work this year. 

Aug 15, 2016
Episode 136: The Most Empowering Thing You Can Do Between Aug 15 - Sep 11

If you're a Professional in American Higher Education then you know what it takes to get through the next four weeks. If you're looking for some additional support to help you make it through this time, then check out this episode in which your host, Tony D'Angelo, will share THE ONE THING you can do as well as The Eight Mantras to help you make it all happen. 

Jul 22, 2016
Episode 135: Interview with Shy Pahlevani, Founder of LifeSafe

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, interviews Shy Pahlevani, the founder of the mobile safety app called LiveSafe. LiveSafe was born from a spirit of triumph over tragedy and the desire to empower everyone to help keep our communities safe. Shy Pahlevani, a victim of a violent robbery and Kristina Anderson, the most injured survivor of the Virginia tech shootings, collaborated and pursued the the idea of using crowd sourced intelligence to engage the community to help prevent incidents and improve overall safety.

To learn more about this empowering technology for your campus community go to: The LiveSafe app is available for free via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Be certain to download it today and share it with your campus community. 

Jul 19, 2016
Episode 134: The Wisdom Cultivator

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, shares a powerful Collegiate Empowerment Tool called The Wisdom Cultivator to help you always make your learning bigger than your experience. 

Jul 9, 2016
Episode 133: Interview with Colin Cox: Theater for Social Change

In the interview your host, Tony D'Angelo, interviews Colin Cox founder of Will & Company. Los Angeles based Will & Company has twenty years of experience creating and presenting diverse productions for college audiences. The ensemble’s work has been presented at more than five hundred colleges, and at more than 30 national conferences, including; NCORE, NACA, APAP, WAA, NODA, the National Conference of Social Justice, the International Conference of Fulbright Scholars, the National Conference of Suicide Prevention, and many others.

Also available in the Fifty Years On series are :

for Orientation, Welcome Week, FYE and Diversity Events – In It Together
for Black History Month – Soul of a Nation
for Latino Heritage – Latinos Shaping a Nation
for LGBT – Nothing Queer About It
for Native American Heritage – Wounded Body & Soul
for Women’s History – A Way To Go
and for Asian American Heritage – So Many Fronts

For information, pricing, and availability please email or call Colin at 818-437-8223.

Jun 29, 2016
Episode 132: Interview with Dr. Tom Matthews, author of Building Leaders One Hour At A Time

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, interviews a Higher Ed Pro legend- Dr. Tom Matthews. Dr. Matthews is the Associate Dean of Leadership and Service at SUNY Geneseo. He also serves as the Director of the nationally acclaimed GOLD Program – an initiative that received the “Program of Excellence and Distinction” by the National Association for Campus Activities and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. This certificate program has attracted upwards of 7000 participants in a single year.

Dr. Matthews recently released his first book, “Building Leaders One Hour at a Time: A Guidebook for Leadership Development” which outlines the entire GOLD curriculum. An authority on leadership curriculum, Dr. Matthews has chaired numerous committees, presented papers and given hundreds of program sessions throughout his career. He served as board chair of the National Association for Campus Activities and has been an active member in a variety of organizations including the Association of College Unions-International, the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, the New York State United Teachers, American Federation of Teachers, NASPA, and the American Association of University Professors.  He also served as the chief negotiator for two collective bargaining agreements for SUNY academic and professional faculty with United University Professions and the State of New York.

Dr. Matthews co-chaired the NCLP National Leadership Symposium for three years and was the founder of the New York Leadership Educator’s Consortium.  He is the recipient of numerous awards including the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service.  Dr. Matthews earned  his doctorate in Student Personnel & Higher Education from the University of South Carolina.

Jun 20, 2016
Episode 131: Interview with Goldie Bloomenstyk, Author of American Higher Education In Crisis?

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, interviews Goldie Blumenstyk, one of the nation’s most respected higher-education journalists and author of the bestselling book, American Higher Education in Crisis? What Everyone Needs to Know, (Oxford University Press)  

As a reporter at The Chronicle of Higher Education since 1988, Goldie has covered a wide range of topics, including distance education, the Internet boom, bust, and boom, state politics, and fund raising. She is nationally known for her expertise on for-profit higher education, college finances, and the commercialization of academic research. She has reported for The Chronicle from China, Israel, Peru and several countries in Europe, and her stories have received numerous awards 

Goldie has been a frequent guest on public radio and public-affairs shows  and at events,  and her work has appeared in The New York Times and USA Today.  She’s also a co-founder of the Chronicle’s new reporting project, “Re:Learning | Mapping the New Education Landscape.”

To learn more about Goldie and her work check out:

Twitter: @GoldieStandard


Jun 17, 2016
Episode 130: The Summer Focusing Show

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, helps you to regain your clarity and focus as the Summer Season begins. The summer is time to tend to what has taken root. This episode will help you grow over Summer so you can reap the harvest of the Fall. 

Jun 15, 2016
Episode 129: Interview with Dr. Anthony Altieri: Pathways To Student Self Authorship

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, interviews Dr. Anthony Altieri the Associate Dean of Students at Lynn University in Boca Raton. 

Born and raised in Rochester, New York, he moved to South Florida in 2006.  Altieri earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from St. John Fisher College (Rochester, NY), a Master of Science in college student personnel administration from Canisius College (Buffalo, NY), and a Master of Business Administration from Lynn University (Boca Raton, FL). In 2014, he completed his doctorate of Education in Higher Education Administration from the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL).  In his administrative role, Altieri provides oversight to many programs and services that focus on individual development and student success.  He has been instrumental in developing a competency based approach to delivering many of the services and opportunities offered under his purview. Altieri is a passionate educational practitioner who strives to enhance learning opportunities for students beyond the classroom setting. 

Apr 27, 2016
Episode 128: Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset As A Higher Ed Pro

While most Higher Education Professionals struggle to survive in the dynamic new world of American Higher Education in the 21st century, there is a bold and ever growing number of HE pros who are not only surviving, but actually thriving. In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, helps you to uncover the difference that is making a difference for these HE Pros: The Development Of An Entrepreneurial Mindset. 

Apr 22, 2016
Episode 127: Interview with Dr. Rebecca Kitchell on Grit, Resilience & Student Success

Call it what you will- Guts, Resilience, Initiative, Tenacity; put them all together and you've got GRIT! And that's the focus of today's show. Join your host, Tony D'Angelo, as he interviews Student Resiliency Expert, Dr. Rebecca Kitchell from The University of New Haven. 

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