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Welcome to The Collegiate Empowerment Show for Higher Education Professionals, hosted by Tony D'Angelo. If you're a future focused Higher Education Professional, University Executive, or Entrepreneurial Educator committed to the long haul of Higher Education & Continuing Learning- this show is for you! This show is designed to enhance your personal & professional Clarity, Confidence, Capabilities, and Commitment as a Higher Education Professional. Through insights, interviews, and new ideas from industry thought leaders & best selling authors you will learn how to embrace The 5 R's of 21st Century Higher Education: Recruitment, Retention, Revenue Generation, Risk Mitigation, and ROI. Please visit:  

Oct 19, 2017

Learn how to put a stop to your urgency addiction by listening to this episode in which your host, Tony D'Angelo, shows you the power of living in Quadrant II. 

Oct 11, 2017

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, shows you how to "Always Make Your Learning Bigger Than Your Experience" through the use of a Collegiate Empowerment Tool called: The Wisdom Cultivator. To request a copy of The Wisdom Cultivator please email your request to: or click on the link...

Aug 11, 2017

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, shares the 3 E's of Empowerment with you:

1) Eliminate

2) Entrust

3) Expand

Jul 12, 2017

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, shares insights on three powerful words: Yes, No, and Maybe. Key insight: Yes rewards us. No teaches us. Maybe kills us. Go for the Yes. Transform from the No and run away from Maybe. 

Jun 29, 2017

In this episode your host, Tony D'Angelo, picks up where part I of this episode left off. Now that you've taken the time to look back, it's time to look ahead so you can make the most of Summer 2017. To request your copy of the Collegiate Empowerment Focusing Tool discussed in this episode, please email your request...