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Feb 11, 2016

Looking to increase your performance in your personal & professional life? Then check out this episode as your host, Tony D'Angelo, interviews Dr. Jarrod Spencer, founder of The Mind Of The Athlete. 

Dr. Jarrod Spencer is a Sports Psychologist whose passion is to assist athletes in attaining peak performance through sound emotional health. He is a trusted, leading authority on the mind of today’s athlete and is driven to educate others regarding how the mind works best.  Dr. Spencer’s teachings focus on the idea that a clearer mind leads to better performance.  Influenced by views in neuroscience, psychoanalysis, Christianity, and peak performance literature, Dr. Spencer has a heart to serve athletes by improving their overall well-being while nurturing their emotional health. 

Dr. Spencer’s communication style is positive, proactive, and results-oriented. His highly successful approach is a direct result of his warmth, insight, and dynamic teaching style. Desiring to take athletes one step further than they have gone before, Dr. Spencer uses a blend of the “outside in” and “inside out” learning methods to help athletes become unstuck and reach their true potential. It is this combination of learning modalities that provides a successful path, which allows athletes to excel faster and go deeper with long-lasting positive mental results. 

Dr. Spencer is president and founder of Mind of the Athlete, LLC, a sports psychology company committed to improving the emotional health of athletes. He is the creator of the Mind of the Athlete Program, a cutting edge video and audio sports psychology curriculum. This program, made up of sixteen videos, sixteen accompanying worksheets, and ten CD’s, is currently used worldwide in countries such as South Africa, Ireland, and South Korea.  He is also author of the book The Sky is Not the Limit: Discovering the True North for Your Life's Path.

Dr. Jarrod Spencer works with professional, Olympic, college, and high school athletes, coaches, and teams across the country. In addition to serving as the Sports Psychologist for athletic teams at such schools as University of Maryland, Old Dominion University, Lehigh University, and Lafayette College, Dr. Spencer also works individually with athletes from University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, Ohio State, Cal Poly, Princeton, and many more.    

He is a fixture in regional media.  Currently, Dr. Spencer serves as a frequent guest on WFMZ Morning News. He has been featured on “The Peak” TV show and is a monthly contributor to the show’s Mental Tip of the Week. Dr. Spencer has been heard on ESPN Radio of the Lehigh Valley, highlighting and explaining the psychology of current events in sports. He also starred in the TV Show “What the Heck Were They Thinking?!” with former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Larry Holmes. Additionally, Dr. Spencer  created and starred on the TV show Mind of the Athlete

Dr. Spencer has extensive training and experience in the field of health and sports psychology.  Before earning a Doctor of Psychology Degree from Argosy University, formerly known as The Illinois School of Professional Psychology, he earned his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from West Chester University and his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychobiology from Lafayette College. Dr. Spencer professionally trained at The Jersey Shore Medical Center, Northwestern Neuropsychological Association, and The Diamond Headache Clinic. He is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Dr. Spencer is also a member of The American Psychological Association, Pennsylvania Psychological Association, and Lehigh Valley Psychological and Counseling Association. 

As an athlete, Dr. Spencer was an All-State high school wrestler who captained his team to back-to-back New Jersey State Championships. While in college, he was a record-setting tailback for the Lafayette College football team. Additionally, while attending graduate school at West Chester University, he played wing on their rugby team. Dr. Jarrod Spencer resides in the beautiful Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania with his wife and three children.

Contact Dr. Jarrod Spencer directly via email at or phone at 610.867.7770.