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Feb 16, 2016

Would you like to gain inside information on the pulse of American Higher Education when it comes to what are the biggest & hottest trends for entertainment & activities on campus today? If so then check out this episode in which your host, Tony D'Angelo, interviews Scott Talarico, the founder of Neon Entertainment. 

President and founder of Neon Entertainment for twenty years, Scott Talarico has been operating the agency with continued success.  A native of Utica, New York, Scott graduated from Alfred University and chose to base Neon in buffalo for its active entertainment scene.

 Scott oversees as an agent to the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Scott may be eternally busy with Neon's roster of 40 musicians and comedians, but he never forgets why it's so important to stay dedicated:  he's helping artists create their own niche in the college entertainment market.

Scott brings a variety of skill and a high level of understanding of the business to his agency.  A musician in his own right (he plays the drums), he's had experience in everything from radio sales to programming and concert production.  At Alfred he served as President of his college entertainment board, a valuable commodity when considering Neon's main focus on colleges, developing relationships with student activity boards, and bringing students the type of entertainment they want onto their campus at an affordable cost.

 The most rewarding part of working in this field for Scott is being a first-hand witness to intense artist growth.  Neon gives new artists the chance to develop and widen their fan-base. "It is because of what Neon does that gives the artists the chance to play large-scale shows," Scott says.  "These opportunities give them great experience so they can develop their own style and image."

Scott is also the manager to that adorable little guidette you might know as Snooki! All that press, photos, appearances, and world-wide recognition can be traced back to Scott and Neon Entertainment!

Scott's Talarico can be reached at: 

Phone: 716-836-NEON (6366)